Support For Learning

The achievement culture

The high achievement and good discipline we expect of pupils rests on:
  • A high degree of pupil responsibility and self-reliance. Pupils need to persevere, take risks, experience success and failure, and develop a strong work ethic.
  • A high degree of staff commitment to inspire our pupils to achieve more than they thought possible and develop skills that will allow them to problem solve, collaborate and to be intellectually curious. We monitor performance in these for every pupil in every lesson and acknowledge achievement in behaviour, extended learning, personal organisation and commitment through a system of rewards. Each pupil’s Achievement points total is recorded online through the ‘pupil portal’.

The Form Tutor

The key person for each pupil at Maiden Beech is the form tutor. This is because we know how important it is for each pupil in our care to build a special relationship with one teacher. The form tutor will get to know your son or daughter very well and will be there to offer help, support or advice when it is needed. The tutor also closely monitors the academic and social development of the children in his or her group and will be keen to meet and communicate regularly with you.

Progress Reports

A comprehensive database of achievement is kept for each pupil in each subject. Regular updates enable us to offer progress reports at short notice, as well as a termly report.

Additional educational needs

Pupils with identified additional educational needs receive support on an individual, small group or inclass support basis depending upon the nature of the individual’s specific needs. This includes highlyable pupils for whom there are also specialist members of staff. Progress is carefully monitored and parents are kept fully informed. We work closely with the Local Authority which has responsibility for making appropriate provision for pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs. Special provision for pupils with mobility difficulties has been addressed by the addition of ramps and a lift to the first floor. This ensures access to all parts of the building. All staff have received National Strategies Inclusion Development Programme training.

Teaching groups

Initially all pupils are taught in multi-ability classes mainly in their tutor groups, and with the additional support of learning support assistants. Pupils in Year 6 are banded for English and Maths. Setting occurs in Maths, Science and computing in Year 7 and in English, Maths, Science and computing in Year 8.

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