At Maiden Beech, the Religious Education department encourage pupils to show respect of the beliefs and convictions of others while developing their own personal views. We achieve this through the use of poetry, debate, dramas, art, photography and other activities. We would like to see our pupils prepared for the diverse world in which we live by studying topics such as Human Rights, Racism, The Environment, and Life's Journey which reflect the six major world religions and humanist view points.

Module Map

This is the programme of learning over the academic year for this subject.

Year 5

AutumnIntroduction to BEP,
Pupils will be introduced into what is Beliefs Ethics and Philosophy. This is placed at the beginning of the academic year to establish expectations and understanding of BEP.
Pupils will look at the signs for Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism and the meaning behind these signs. This topic is placed to help building confidence as many pupils will already have some knowledge of religious sings.
Pupils look at the different festival of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism. They will find out why they are important to religious believers. This topic is placed here as many of the different religions have their festivals during this time.
SpringImportant People
Pupils will have an understanding who the important people are in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaisms. This topic continues to build on pupils prior knowledge and understanding from their first schools.
SpringImportant Buildings
Pupils will learn about the important buildings for Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews. Also, pupils will have the opportunity to reflect on their own special places important to them. Within this topic pupils will also have an opportunity to show their design skills through making 3D places of worship. Also, if weather is good there might be opportunity to visit religious buildings in the local area.
SummerImportant Writings
Pupils will look at the writing of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism. They will have opportunity to learn some of their stories, teachings and how the believers treat their holy writings. This brings to an end of looking at different religions based on different topics. Therefore, all pupils will have had all the basics covered regardless of what first schools they originated from.
SummerLife journeys
Pupils look at the way religions celebrate life events. This links with work they are doing in science Living and Growing. Areas such as birth, coming of age and marriage ceremonies will be looked. Also, how religions deal differently with death (very gentle and light).

Year 6

AutumnIntroduction to BEP
To have an understanding what BEP is and why it is important part of the education at Maiden Beech. this is placed at the beginning of the academic year to review and recap understanding, knowledge and expectations within the BEP lessons.
AutumnAbout Islam Core
Pupils will dig deeper into Islam looking at the Qur'an, the Five Pillars of Islam, the story of Bilal, Muhammad as the final prophet and the beginning of Islam. Pupils will have a focus on comprehension, handwriting and grammar in order to support English SATs. This is taught at the same time as Year 8 who will be looking at Islam in greater depth.
SpringAbout Christian Core
Pupils will start to look more deeply into the christian beliefs of Salvation, who God is, incarnation and Agape. Work here support English through comprehension, handwriting and grammar. This topics runs along side year 8 Christianity which is at greater depth.
SummerBuddha and Buddhism
Pupils will look at life of Buddha and his journey from birth to enlightenment as well as the main teachings of Buddhism. This topic is taught at this point as we look at the concept of stilling/mindfulness to help pupils with coping with SATs.

Year 7

AutumnIntroduction to BEP
In this lesson pupils will review and recap basic knowledge and understanding of religions. They will also be reminded of expectations of skills and attitudes required to well in BEP. This topic is placed at the beginning of the academic year to re-establish firm expectations.
AutumnWhat it is like to be a Sikh in Britain today
Pupils will look at the origins of the Sikh religion and their beliefs and practices. This subject is placed at the beginning of year 7 as pupils are keen to learn about a religion they know very little about. As a result approach this topic positively.
AutumnYear 7 Takeaway Learning
This is Extended Learning task to be completed at home. The work reflects the themes being taught each term
SpringHuman rights and justice
Pupils will look at how religious people have been inspired by their beliefs to fight for justice. This topic coincides with English and History themes taught at this time of year.
SummerHumans and the Environment
Pupils will have a greater understanding of environmental issues and how different religions respond to the environment. This topic brings together different religious beliefs and how they impact the environment. It is also taught alongside complementary topics found in science and geography.

Year 8

AutumnIntroduction to BEP
Pupils are reminded of the importance of BEP in their curriculum, expectations and attitudes need to succeed in BEP and basic religious facts. This is placed at the beginning of the academic year to once again review and recap understanding, knowledge, expectations and attitudes to to well in BEP.
AutumnIslam - Higher
Pupils will look at Islam in detail in preparation for their GCSE. in particular they will look at Muslims beliefs on the Oneness of God, Qur'an and other Holy writings, the hajj in detail, the night journey and the view of angels in Islam. This builds on from their year 6 work on Islam.
SpringChristianity - higher
This module looks at the life of Jesus from birth to resurrection. Pupils are taught many key Christian concepts which will be part of their GCSE studies. In particular the life of Jesus from birth through to his resurrection. This topic reviews and builds on from their year 6 topic.
SummerLooking for God
Pupils will be studying and considering the existence of God and revelation. Pupils will look at the different arguments on the creation of the universe. This topic is placed here as pupils will not have the opportunity to consider philosophy contained in this topic in the next school.

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