At Maiden Beech, the Religious Education department encourage pupils to show respect of the beliefs and convictions of others while developing their own personal views. We achieve this through the use of poetry, debate, dramas, art, photography and other activities. We would like to see our pupils prepared for the diverse world in which we live by studying topics such as Human Rights, Racism, The Environment, and Life's Journey which reflect the six major world religions and humanist view points.

Module Map

This is the programme of learning over the academic year for this subject.

Year 5

AutumnAbout Christianity and Islam - basics
Pupils will have an overview of the basic beliefs and teachings of Islam and Christianity. This work will be built upon in year 6 and year 8.
SpringAbout Judaism core
Pupils look at the teachings and beliefs of Judaism.
SummerLife journeys
Pupils look at the way religions celebrate life events. This links with work they are doing in science Living and Growing.

Year 6

AutumnAbout Islam Core
Pupils will dig deeper into Islam looking at their beliefs and teachings.
SpringAbout Christian Core
Pupils will study the origins of Christianity, the life of Jesus and the beliefs and practices of Christians
SummerBuddha and Buddhism
Pupils will look at life of Buddha and his journey from birth to enlightenment as well as the main teachings of Buddhism

Year 7

AutumnWhat it is like to be a Sikh in Britain today
Pupils will look at the origins of the Sikh religion and their beliefs and practices.
SpringHuman rights and justice
Pupils will look at how religious people have been inspired by their beliefs to fight for justice.
SummerHumans and the Environment
Pupils will have a greater understanding of environmental issues and how different religions respond to the environment.

Year 8

AutumnIslam - Higher
Pupils will look at Islam in detail in preparation for their GCSE.
SpringChristianity - higher
This module looks at the life of Jesus from birth to resurrection. Pupils are taught many key Christian concepts which will be part of their GCSE studies.
SummerLooking for God
Pupils will be studying and considering the belief of God and the origins of the universe.

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