Music at Maiden Beech develops self-expression, communication and empathy through creativity, problem-solving, team-work and performance. A skills-based curriculum focuses on resilience and persistence to demonstrate the knowledge of how to improve through practical performance and composition.

Listening analytically to music broadens pupils’ capacity to explore and understand social situations, historical periods, cultural awareness and spirituality. Through developing an understanding how music is constructed, refined and interpreted across a variety of different contexts.

Communication and reading skills are developed through singing an array of pieces bridging styles, languages and historical periods. Beat-boxing, non-sense songs and Scat-Singing explore non-formal linguistics and support all learners to access literacy. Pupils explore the world, its cultures and identities and how song has always been used to voice objection, resistance and protest.

Knowledge of musical development explores how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) has impacted upon how music, instruments and electronics have evolved. The use and creative applications of technology, the way instruments work and how sound is produced, refined and now electronically shaped is omnipresent in all forms of media consumption (websites, apps, gaming, broadcasting, drama to name a few).

Music builds self-confidence, presentation skills, teamwork, empathy and helps develop a sense of identity and self-worth through a multi-media and varied kinaesthetic approach to learning.

Module Map

This is the programme of learning over the academic year for this subject.

Year 5

AutumnBlack History Month
Black History Month Quiz and report/article
AutumnElements of Music
Complete a PowerPoint exploring the elements of music. Pitch / Dynamics / Tempo / Duration / Timbre / Structure / Silence / Melody / Harmony
AutumnYear 5 Concert
Preparing and Performing
AutumnFireworks and Christmas
From Handel's Firework Music to creating Firework sound pictures. Carols and Christmas themed songs that will be performed at the end of term achievement assembly.
SpringTudor Music
Sing Tudor songs, play Tudor tunes on kazoos and other instruments, learn about Tudor instruments and have them demonstrated, learn a Tudor dance. Relate activities to life in Tudor times.
SpringSkills:- Learning the basics of playing the keyboard
Learn to play the keyboard using right hand for melodies, learn to add rhythms, bass notes as appropriate. Work at individual pace. Learn to read notes on the stave and other basic theory of music as needed to play keyboard.
SummerThemed songs and activities
Learn a set of songs eg. Pimlico Drudge, learn to sing songs, play accompaniments and complete related work.

Year 6

AutumnAutumn themes
Autumn songs, composing activities (Windmills, Strange House, Toy shop at night), Study of Danse Macabre - Saint-Saens, The Nutcracker Suite - Tchaikovsky. Learning about instruments and families of the Orchestra.
SpringInstrumental skills - Learning to play the Ocarina
Learn to play the Ocarina, improve playing, compose , listen and perform.
SpringWorld Music - India
Learn to sing and play Indian Folk Songs, accompanying songs with tuned and untuned percussion. Relate work to school link with India.
SummerPictures, based on Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky
Listen to and study music, follow and understand a graphic score, interpret graphic score, create musical picture based on a real picture, creative writing based on "Gnomus", drawing based on "The Hut on Fowl's Legs". Play themes on Ocarinas.

Year 7

AutumnMedieval Music
Study instruments and music and understand how travelling musicians lived and worked. Listen to appropriate music and experience instruments of the time. Compose a Fanfare, understand how the trumpet has changed. Learn songs "Harold" that describe the events leading up to 1066 and make appropriate links (Tapestry song, Long-Haired star) Play themes from these songs on keyboards.
Listen to Space Film themes, study Mars from he Planets Suite, Improvise using class instruments (and own) on the 5/4 rhythm. Write descriptively about the music. Create a sound effects story using keyboard sounds. Create a piece of music "Journey through the Galaxy" in a group using a graphic score.
SpringMusic and Nature - A cold time of year
Study Prelude from Sinfonia Antartica, discover how the composer creates the feeling of cold and desolation and relate to the British Antarctic expedition to the South Pole in 1910. Learn to play "Spring" from the Seasons on the keyboard. Listen to excerpts from "Winter". Create a piece of music using six notes (the points of a snowflake) as a start.
SummerBaroque Music
Study Baroque conventions eg Ground Bass. Listen to Pachelbel's Canon, including various pop versions of this piece. Play, compose, improvise over the Ground Bass. Study Brandenburg Concerto no 2, understand how the composer uses this structure, introduce Baroque vocabulary:- Ripieno, Concertante, solo, continuo, harpsichord. Look at Baroque instruments - how they have evolved, changed. Study/play themes from Vivaldi Lute Concerto
SummerWorld Music - African songs
Improve singing and experience different types of songs through learning African songs
SummerPreludes and Overtures
Understand how the orchestra grew to include more instruments, greater depth and colour by studying Prelude to Carmen (taking a brief look at the story), Overture to William Tell and possibly Ride of the Valkyries - Wagner.

Year 8

AutumnThe Best of the West
Songs from Somerset - old and new, learn them, sing them, understand their origins. Link with Somerset and our area. Study English Folk Song Suite - March - Folk Songs from Somerset. Understand Ternary Form, compose a Ternary form piece. Compose a song about Somerset, perform.
AutumnStructures and Textures
Recognise/understand how the following are made up:- Orchestra (revision), Wind band, Brass band, Choir, small ensemble. Study these through various pieces of suitable music
SpringFilm Music
Study a variety of film music. Consider what makes a good opening title and how it sets the scene for the film. Understand how composers achieve certain effects in film scores. Write about an opening title descriptively. Choose and learn to play a film theme on the keyboard or other instrument. In a group compose an opening title for a film of your choose, perform this music to the class.
SpringIncidental Music
Understand the term "Incidental Music" and its purpose. Understand how this is different from film scores. Listen and study some music from "Peer Gynt" by Grieg and understand something of the nature of the story. Learn to play one or two themes from Peer Gynt.
SpringLearning about chords
Understand what chords are, learn to play them, create them and understand their harmonic value. Improve keyboard skills introducing chords to playing. Play a set piece.
SummerWorld Music - South American Music
Listen and study music, songs and instruments. Explore Latin rhythms on keyboard and compose melody to go with rhythm (Mini Latin Piece).Study Villa Lobos - Little Train of Caipira In a group compose own Train composition - describing its journey.
Specific transition work that has been identified. Revise Elements of music, keyboard basics, theory.

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