History at Maiden Beech is taught as a discreet subject in Years 7 and 8. Pupils cover a wide variety of topics including the Medieval, Norman Conquest, Tudors, Slavery and Challenges to power in History. They also learn a wide variety of skills including how to study sources from the past, how to look for bias, persuasive skills and how to write long answers to questions. Pupils learn in a mixture of ways including class based tasks, mini projects and home study tasks.

Module Map

This is the programme of learning over the academic year for this subject.

Year 5


Year 6

SpringPupils in Year 6 do not receive specialist History lessons.
Pupils in Year 6 do not receive specialist History lessons.
SummerPupils in Year 6 do not receive specialist History lessons.
Pupils in Year 6 do not receive specialist History lessons.

Year 7

SpringSchool Closure Summer Term. Medieval Realms
Staying with medieval history. We will be looking at life for medieval people - food; clothing; illness; religion for example. There will be a weekly power point, with a task. Sometimes the power point will lead you to a film clip to watch. If the links to the clips do not work, just copy and paste the clip.
AutumnMedieval monarchs
Medieval monarchs, pupils learn about the Medieval kings and queens and practice source skills, chronology and new keywords relating to the medieval era.
AutumnMedieval History-How did the Normans gain control of Medieval England?
Pupils will be using their history skills of cause and consequence, evidence evaluation (source work) and interpretation to look at the medieval times, focusing especially on the led up to and events of the Battle of Hastings.
AutumnMedieval History- how did the Normans keep control?
Linking into their previous module pupils will be studying the events following the Norman conquest including the development of castles and the feudal system. They will also be looking at everyday medieval life and important medieval events such as the spread of the black death. They will further develop their use of sources and the evaluation of them.
SpringThe Making of the UK
Pupils will be studying how the United Kingdom was formed including the union of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They will also look at how it has been influenced and changed by migration from around the world with a focus on the Empire Windrush, migration in the 1950's and 1960's from Southern Asia and the Irish potato famine.
SummerHero or Villain? A study of key events and individuals from history.
Pupils will study a range of important moments that shaped history and look at key individuals involved in these events. They will use a range of evidence to decide if the people involved could be considered heroes or villains. There is a focus study on the English civil war, Great fire of London and Crimean war. Pupils will look at how interpretations of people can be shaped differently throughout history.

Year 8

SpringSchool Closure. Summer Term. The Second World War
Carrying on from our look at the rise to power of Hitler, and the Holocaust, this is an excellent opportunity to look at this incredibly important period of history., from 1939 - 1945. We will look at the major events and battles, all over the world, between the allies and the AXIS powers (Germany, Italy and Japan). We will also look at other themes, such as the role of women in the War and the Home Front. Towards the end, since I know a lot of you thoroughly enjoyed our discussions on this matter, we will take a look at the actual evidence for whether Hitler did indeed die in the bunker in 1945... I will try to give you ideas for documentaries and films to watch, too, to support your learning. We might even take a look at tanks, which might please some people. ;-)
AutumnChallenges to Power
Pupils study a wide range of different moments in history when people have challenged those in power such as the Suffragettes, Nelson Mandela and his fight against apartheid and the American revolution. There is also a depth study of the French and Russian revolutions. Pupils will build a large variety of historical skills in this unit including developing compare and contrast skills, source work, writing narrative accounts and essay writing skills.
Pupils participate in a curriculum focus day looking at the Holocaust, various outside speakers usually attend the school to participate in this. There is then some preliminary and follow up work carried out in history lessons linked to the learning from this day. This includes looking at what makes a democracy VS a dictatorship, the rise of the Nazi party and how propaganda was used as tool by the Nazi's to gain power.
Pupils look at a range of different societies from history that used slavery to gain an overview of the history of slavery. They then also carry out a depth study on the transatlantic slave trade from its origins to abolition. Pupils also consider human rights and slavery in the modern world.
Pupils will look at the role the British empire has taken in shaping the world and how the empire in turn also effected Britain.

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