During their time at Maiden Beech, the pupils will have the opportunity to study a rich and varied English curriculum. This dynamic department offers a diverse range of reading texts... from significant classics to modern day authors. Pupils are inspired to write in a variety of genres, from Year 5 to Year 8. Every opportunity is given to allow pupils to express themselves in formal and informal contexts. Wherever possible the curriculum is enhanced by relevant excursions or visiting speakers. It is expected that all pupils will leave Maiden Beech competent in this subject and with a real interest in English.

Module Map

This is the programme of learning over the academic year for this subject.

Year 5

AutumnYEAR 5 Spelling EL Autumn Term 2020
Amended spelling tasks for Autumn Term 2020 when books are not being taken home
AutumnDanny The Champion of the World
Study of the novel by Roald Dahl. Themes from the book to form basis for writing - character study, letter writing, diary entry, poem.
SpringClassic texts
Classic texts - Christmas Carol, poetry and prose, Narnia and The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. Descriptive writing, study of 'old' language, narrative writing. Poetry by Christina Rossetti and James Berry Extracts from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham
SummerThe Midnight Fox
A study of Betsy Byars' classic novel about a young boy's first experience of the countryside. Tasks to include: reading as a class, reading out loud and a variety of written activities using the book as a stimulus.

Year 6

AutumnWorld War Two: Carrie's War and Rose Blanche
Shared reading of Carrie's War by Nina Bawden. Various writing tasks including: diary entry, newspaper, play script, character study, descriptive writing and end of book activities.
Using chocolate as a theme, writing a range of genres to include discussion, explanation, non-chronological, persuasive and recount texts.
SpringThe Lady of Shallott
A study of Alfred Lord Tennyson's ballad focusing on vocabulary and imagery culminating in pupils writing their own narrative prequel.
SpringVoices in the Park and SATs
SATs practice and preparation, looking at past papers and studying test skills. Exploring the use and interpretation of illustration and text/font styles in Anthony Browne's children's picture book, Voices in the Park.
SummerKensuke's Kingdom
A scheme based on Michael Morpurgo's book.

Year 7

SpringYr 7 Shutdown Spring 1 2021
Work for year 7 during shutdown
AutumnNovel study 1
Holes/Skellig/TuckEverlasting Shared reading of a novel with supporting written (fiction and non-fiction) and oral activities.
AutumnIntroduction to Poetry Analysis
Revision of poetic techniques. Introduction to annotation and analysis of poems, techniques and styles, through a range of poetry and poets.
SpringNovel Study 2
Holes/Skellig/Tuck Everlasting Shared reading of a novel with a range of book-related written activities (fiction and non-fiction) and basic skill revision.
SpringScott of the Antarctic - non-fiction
A non-fiction scheme of work, including research tasks, examination of Scott's diary and that of another Polar explorer, creation of an imaginary TV interview and persuasive texts.
SummerShakespeare 1 (Introduction to Shakespeare)
An outline of the life and times of Shakespeare and activities relating to a range of extracts from his works.
SummerHound of the Baskervilles - play
Shared read and performance of a play script based on The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle. Activities to include P.E.E. deduction, comparing genres, creating a suspect board, character study and casting roles. Midnight Fox - A shared read of the novel by American author, Betsy Byars. Various linked activities include poetry, discursive writing and diary entries.

Year 8

SpringYr 8 Shutdown Spring 1 2021
Work for year 8 during shutdown
AutumnNovel Study 1
Shared reading of either: Lorna Doone by R.D. Blackmore - links with Geography module- writing activities to include description, persuasive, newspaper, summarising, research. Day trip to Doone Valley, Exmoor. OR Animal Farm by George Orwell OR Buddy by Nigel Hinton Writing activities to include - letter, description, poetry, report, persuasive.
AutumnPoetry Analysis
Study of various poems, poets and poetic techniques. Pupils build on year 7 module to analyse the effects created in poetry. Comparison of poems by the same poet or of different poets about a similar theme, encourages deeper thinking.
SpringNovel Study 2
Shared reading of either: Lorna Doone by R.D. Blackmore - links with Geography module - writing activities to include description, persuasive, newspaper, summarising, research OR Animal Farm by George Orwell OR Buddy by Nigel Hinton. Writing activities to include - letter, description, poetry, report, persuasive.
SummerShakespeare 2
Study of selected scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream/ Macbeth. Writing activities to include - sonnets, scene analysis, character study, newspaper, P.E.E. (setting).
Summer19th Century Literature
An overview and study of a selection of 19th century works and their context.
SummerTransition unit based on Charles Dickens
Transition activities with Wadham English Department.
SummerSpies and Spying - Speaking and Listening
Pupils create their own spy persona and then engage in a range of missions. Writing tasks include information, instructions, persuasion, diary and storyboard. This culminates in a speaking and listening task.

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