Maiden Beech has a network of over 120 computers for children to use. We have a dedicated Technology Suite as well as another computer room available for all subjects to use. Located in the Learning Resource Centre are the "Learning Pods" which consist of a large screen with wireless keyboards around a conference table enabling pupils to work collaboratively. Every pupil is given access to the Maiden Beech "Pupil Portal" for online learning and parents have access to their own version, the “Parent Portal”.

In this digital age, when we are all regularly using digital devices, Computer Science has never been more important. We need to equip our youth and society with the skills needed to work in the digital age. Digital industries are growing fast and computer scientists are in demand. Every industry uses computer technology and computer scientists are needed to solve problems and design solutions.

Our children's lives are filled with technology. The internet can be a great resource for learning, but our youth need to learn how to safely navigate themselves around the negative aspects of the internet. They will be taught to be resilient, discerning and responsible users of the the internet.

Module Map

This is the programme of learning over the academic year for this subject.

Year 5

AutumnY5_Unit_1_Getting to know your PC
Pupils will learn computer basics: File management, social networking, keeping data safe and searching the web
SpringY5_Unit_2_Research using the Internet
Learning Objectives: L3IT I can search for information using the Internet L3IT I can use a range of software to achieve tasks L3IT I can collect information L4IT I can evaluate information L5IT I appreciate how search results are ranked
SpringY5_Unit_3_Making a quiz in Scratch
Pupils will make a quiz in Scratch. They will use selection.
SummerY5_Unit_4_Data Handling
Pupils will learn to sort and select data
SummerY5_Unit_5_Using Multimedia
Pupils will make a simple movie from stills. They will edit sound files

Year 6

AutumnY6_Unit_1_Internet Safety and Logo creation
Pupils will learn to use a vector graphics package and they will create their own Internet safety logo.
AutumnY6_Unit_2_How the Internet works
Pupils will learn how web pages are accessed. They will learn about Domain names and IP addresses.
SpringY6_Unit_3_Multi level game using Scratch
In this unit pupils will be taught to make a 2 player racing game in Scratch. They will create a point scoring system, add a timer and add creativity to the game; such as gaining points by 'boosting' and losing points if you touch a certain obstacle.
SummerY6_Unit_4_Problem solving and SATS prep
This unit of work, will help to prepare pupils for their Maths SATS exam (reasoning paper). It aims to teach pupils some problem solving skills. Aside from the resources on the page, pupils will look at worded maths problems and solve them. There will also be some brain game activities.
SummerY6_Unit_5_Disco Project
Pupils will make a spreadsheet and other documents to plan and organize a school disco.

Year 7

AutumnYR_7_U1_Internet Safety Animation
Pupils will be reminded about Internet Safety and they will make an animation on Scratch.
SpringYR_7_U2_Further adventures in Scratch
During this unit pupils will learn to code with Scratch to a more advanced level. You will use, variables, lists, arrays, loops, functions and procedures.This is a double unit, taking up 12 weeks.
SpringYR_7_U3_Using Computers and Networks
Pupils will learn more about computers work and how they communicate over networks
SummerYR_7_U4_Coding Small Basic
Pupils will create programs using a text based programming language.
SummerYR_7_U5_Using Kodu to make Games
Pupils will create their own environment, avatars and challenges, using Kodu.

Year 8

AutumnYR8_Unit_1_Internet Safety Data & Analysis
Pupils will form a hypothesis about how safe their classmates are online, depending on their online habits. They will collect and analyse data to prove or disprove the hypothesis.
AutumnYR8_Unit_2_How Computers work and Binary
Pupils will learn about how computers store and process data. They will also learn about Binary.
SpringYR8_Unit_3_Advanced Flowol
In year 5 pupils used Flowol 4 a control software package. This year, year 8s will use more advanced features of Flowol 4.
SummerYR8_Unit_4_Programming with Python
Pupils will learn the basics of programming with Python. They will edit edit code, find syntax errors and create simple games. This is a double unit.
SummerYR8_Unit_5_Creating a website
Pupils will create a website about their time at MBA.

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